Constant z-offset modification?

I recently was given a Lulzbot TAZ6 and while I’ve gotten it to print without issues, it seems like I am constantly having to set or adjust the z-offset. Is this normal? I’ve searched and searched for a resolution to this problem, but have yet to come across any meaningful resolution.

I can print one object and it will print fine, but let’s say the offset is too high and the first layer isn’t “smashed” enough, so I will increment it down by .1, the lowest amount I am allowed to adjust on the machine, and the nozzle will be against the plate and no filament will come out at all. After adjusting back to the previous offset value, the print does not work again and I have to go through the motions to find the new normal until it happens all over again. I can probably get 1-3 print jobs out of an offset value if I’m lucky before I have to go through this process. Using the Lulzbot flavor of Cura and admittedly I’m new to this, so if there is something in Cura I need to look at, any pointers in the right direction would go a long way.

The bed is 100% level, I’ve checked it to no end and followed all the steps for setting up the printer from Lulzbot’s own site.

Could be plastic on the nozzle. Huge, common problem that causes variance in effective offset. Wipe is like 30% effective and should only be considered a “polish” for an already clean nozzle.

Also, if you don’t save configuration manually after changing, it isn’t saved when you power down.

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I’ve just revived a Taz 6 that was given to me since it had issues leveling.

One thing I would also add is make sure you have the latest firmware. It isn’t very uncommon to have to babystep that first layer, which you can do pressing the controller button twice to get to. If you do some calibration tutorials to get the slicer flow setting right, that helps as well.

@Wrathernaut I’ve thought of this as well and I’ve taken the entire hot end apart and cleaned it well. It didn’t seem to help much, though. Saving the configuration is interesting though - because it does show “saved” after I update the z-offset on the printer itself and it does seem to hold that value. Thank you for the advice, though - I will clean the nozzle again for good measure.

@WhereNerdyIsCool I have updated the firmware, but thank you for that suggestion. I have not read or heard about babystepping a first layer, I will look into this more and see if I can get any meaningful progress out of it. Thank you very much for the suggestions!

@zenith If you see the nozzle push the bed/washer down visibly at any corner (usually the first), the nozzle is not clean.

@Wrathernaut hmm, ok yeah it has done that but I thought it was related to the z-offset. This was when I first got the machine and didn’t realize the offset was way too low. Sounds like I need to disassemble the print head and give it a good cleaning again before I keep going regardless.