Z offset is too much

Hi all, i have been tasked with ‘fixing’ works Taz 6 being as ive the most knowledge of 3d printers. Its doing my head in!

The dual extruders were causing a problem so i changed back to the singe head. New install of Cura Lulzbot edition, new install of the single extruder Taz 6 firmware. All fine.

It auto homes, z pushes the big silver switch, then it raises 10mm and parks. Great.

Now when i comes to level the bed and wipe/probe the washers the z offset is so far out it miles away from the washers and fails. Ive tried to adjust the z offset but it measures as needing -6.3mm adjustment but the firmware only allows -2mm to +5mm. Its not mechanical as it probes the z limit switch fine. The axis’s are level. I just need to adjust z offset way more than the firmware allows.

Please help!

Thanks in advance.

Did you remove the raised homing switch used when using the dual extruder?

No, I only swapped the head back, is there a different switch? I’ll go back to the dual head documentation …


thank you! theres a ‘spacer’ above the switch.

All sorted.

It’s a real simple riser, easily removes by hand, very little pressure to remove. It’s a 3D printed work around with a what looks Ike a washer that sits atop of the original homing switch. It simply snaps in place.

Yea, obvious now.

I should have worked backwards from the dual extruder document, its shown in there. My bad.