Lulzbot Taz 6, perhaps z offset, maybe regular maintanence?

I recently changed positions in work, and the 3D printer is part of my responsibility. All of the models have been coming out quite well for a few months, and recently have been having layering issues. The company that sold us the 3D printer and messed with the zoffset and it really didn’t do anything different we have been having the same errors. I’ve been doing slight changes as well to the zoffset, but have not noticed any improvements. I’m wondering if it is something to do with the belts, as I read they may need to be tightened, or the bed is out of level. We use PLA filament from keene village plastics. 2.85mm.

The machine goes through the auto leveling process, then begins its heating, the filament builds a slight build up on the nozzle before moving into position to print, I believe the issue is the first couple layers. Ive tried to upload the gcode into cura, but it wont allow me to use it. (Print set up disabled G-Code files cannot be modified) I figured if I could modify when the filament is put into place, and heated up, or added an extra border layer it would maybe fix the problem, or if I could change the temperature(prints at 220F I believe).

Anyways Im a complete noob when it comes to 3D printing, any advice would be amazing. Thank you, appreciate the help.

Yowsers that looks bad! Can you flip the model 180 degrees on the vertical axis? Have the wide base on the bottom and the narrow end on the top. How about a picture / diagram of the actual model to start with?

Thank you for the reply Joe. I would have uploaded more pictures, but the forum would not allow me to do so because it is my first post. Here are some more photos

Hope this is the angle you were asking for.
As far as the picture/diagram of the actual model, are you talking about the made product, or the model that is uploaded into cura?

Here is another picture as well.

The model view in Cura slicer. Also, what size nozzle are you using and what is your layer height do you know? What printhead are you using?