Control Button Not Working in Cura 17.10

I am new to Cura and 3D printing and I am trying to adjust the printer (TAZ 5) for the first time. When I open Cura 17.10 on Windows 10 the control button is greyed out. I found another post here which recommended loading a model, which I did but it is still unavailable. Any other advice?



Have you told it what machine you have?
Click Machine and it should have your TAZ5 with a black dot next to it.
If not, add machine.

I should have mentioned that I did that as well. It appears to be the correct model and nozzle.

Welcome to Windows 10, it has issues with USB and a lot more. Try a different port and reloading Cura.

Do you have the printer plugged into the computer and powered on?

Also, v18 was just released this week, it might be worth a try.


Just press “Ctrl + P” link you do in Microsoft Word as a shortcut to ‘Print’

Works just fine.