win 10 cura 21.02 no control button

just got my new mini and am going thru the start up. loaded the model of rockoctopus. it went from green to grey. no control button lit. the only other problem i noticed was when checking the devices. i did a troubleshoot and it kept telling me that rambo was an old usb 2.0 connector and would not work on 3.0. well i have a msi z170 A pro mother board and made sure it was connected into the 2.0 connector. still got the same msg. no yellow flags on this it just calls it a 3d printer powered by rambo. ill take any help i can get on this.

If your model has become grey, it is too large to print on the bed. Select the scale button in the lower left hand corner, and shrink it to 50%. This should get you up and running.

your the man… wonder why the pre setup is out of tolerance. but i got my control button. so thanks

When you first open up Cura, it should automatically scale the rocktopus for you. This will only happen on the first time you open Cura for that station. If you manually load in the rocktopus, it will be quite large as it was originally designed for our TAZ unit that has a larger build volume.