Controlling dual head extruder for TAZ 6

Hello all,

I am the happy owner of a new TAZ 6 that I bought primarily for product prototyping. One of my first goals is to create a panel for an electronic device, which is essentially a flat panel with holes in it to fit various knobs, jacks, etc. That part is easy. But I also want to print raised lettering on it identifying the various items, and I would prefer the lettering to be in a different color, of course. (I am using Sketchup MAKE for design.)

The question is, can Cura, or some other slicer create a G-code file that can use the two different extruders at the same time? In this case, I’d only be using one color (base panel) in some slices, and only using the other color (letters) in the top remaining layers. Any advice on how to best do this would be appreciated.


Yes. You’ll need the dual extruder toolhead.

When you design the panel in Sketchup, you’ll need to export the panel and raised lettering as separate STLs. Then import both STLs into your slicer software (Cura), assign each the STLs to Tool1 and Tool2. Generate the gcode and print.