[Dual Extruder v3] Printing Different Colors for Different Layers

I am attempting to use the dual extruder to print a file that will print from layer 0 to 11 as extruder 1 and layers 11 to 22 as extruder 2. I have done a color change by using “Modify G-code” on my single extruder, but I am not sure how to approach this with the dual extruder since I should not need to swap any filament out for this and it would only need to start using the second extruder halfway through the print. I looked up information prior to this about this, but I was not able to find much assistance. Any help is appreciated.

With dual extrusion, you’ll need the object broken into two STLs according to the color. Then join them in a slicer software to assign the extruders and create a single gcode file.

A two color cylinder (top and bottom) is simple example. The lower half would be a STL assigned to the T0 extruder. The top half would be a second STL assigned to print with the T1 extruder. The only problem with this type of print would be the non-printing hot-end staying hot and carbonizing the filament or creating ooze… if the slicer doesn’t automatically turn down the temp on the non-printing hotend, do it manually.

The dual extrusion octopus as a good first multi-color print. Actually, the best “first” object would be a dual extrusion calibration object.

Thank you! I thought about splitting the model with a slicer program, but I wanted to ask about it here in case I could save myself some work.

Because the start gcode is different for the single extruder and dual extruder, the easiest solution is to split the model into two pieces and let CuraLE handle the switch.

If you are willing to edit the GCode, it could be done with substituting the start code and adding just a few commands at the layer switch point. Ask if you want more details.