TAZ6 dual extrusion question

Hi All,

First off I love our TAZ6 printer, we use it multiple times a week for prototyping and functional projects. I also purchased the dual extruder tool head and here’s my question:
Is there any way to print two different colored filaments in the same project? In the example I provided where it says “TEXT” I would like that to be printed with a blue filament and the rest of the piece white. I use Sketchup 2017 to design all my projects but have no idea how to “tell” Cura or whatever to print the whole thing white and the “TEXT” blue! Is this even possible? Thanks in advance!

Yes. You’ll need to save the each color as separate STL files.

So in your example, each color will need to be a group. Create the main part (with the depression for the the lettering) and group. Export that group as AAA.STL. Then create the inset text (outside the main part group), group and save as BBB.STL. Make sure to keep the same origin for both.

Import AAA.STL and BBB.STL into slicer. As long as you kept the same origin, they the two STLs should line up.

Thanks for the response. With the instructions you provided, will this allow me to print using my dual extruder or will it only use a single head and I have to change filaments? When you mention “slicer” are you referring to a specific program?

Sorry for the questions, I’m still fairly new to the 3D printing world!

After some research I now realize Slic3r is a program. I downloaded it but will have to read up on how to use it.

You are free to try slic3r but you can also use Cura as your slicer with the same effect.

A slicer is just a program that converts STLs into gcode. Cura and slic3r are examples of slicers.

Also, yes, the gcode that comes out will use the dual extruder. You should follow the instructions that came with the dual extruder to set everything up. As part of that process you will also print a couple of models with 2 merged STLs. Here is the link.


Yes. Sorry for the confusion, I should have used slicing software. So Cura, Slic3r, S3D would all qualify.

I’ve attached a sample SKP along with the two STLs needed to print the inset dual color. The best way to see this is to delete or hide the “TEXT” group.

Hope that helps.
Inset Text.skp (87.2 KB)
Inset Text-Block.stl (40.1 KB)
Inset Text-Text.stl (37.7 KB)

Thanks again for the replies. Yes, I figured it out using only Sketchup and Cura and it’s much easier than I thought!