Conventional PLA with Flexistruder

I was thinking about getting a Flexistruder to print Ninjaflex, etc. But if I swap, would I have to swap back every time I want to print PLA, ABS, exotic filaments?


The Flexistruder tool head is only designed for use with flexible filament. So if you want to switch back to PLA or ABS filament you will want to swap back to the standard tool head. Now a few things to note about what can happen if you try to print non flex material through a Flexistruder, . One is that if you mix a solid filament with a flexy one, it can create a material that is like a rubber cement and will be very difficult to clear. Another reason is that harder filaments can do damage to the white PTFE Tube which will create a permanent clog in your tool head. The third reason is that if you heat your Flexistruder any north of 250C it can create toxic fumes that can be dangerous.

Depending on what printer you have you can use the following information to to help guide you through Flexistruder setup.

Let us know if this helps or if you have any other questions.[/quote]