Converting 2 Single Extruder v2's to a Dualstruder

Hi everyone,

Looking at the prices in the Lulzbot store, I see that 2 Single Extruder v2’s ($350) are quite a bit cheaper than a Dualstruder ($500). How complicated would it be to buy 2 singles, print out some parts and make a Dualstruder out of them? (Or even buy one Single and use my current Single and the new one to create a Dual)?

Biggest hurdle is the aluminum mount and heatbreak they use in the dualstruders. itworks3d has them sometimes, but you’ll spend $70 on those alone:

You’ll also need to get the heat set inserts and other miscellaneous hardware. It might be cost effective if you just buy the hotend, not a whole other extruder, but you’ll still be pretty close to the retail price if you buy two new ones and try and convert them.