Single to Dual Extruder Upgrade Kit

I REALLY want to have a dual extruder setup, but can’t justify the $500 upgrade when I already have a perfectly good V2 hot end. Is there an affordable way to buy a second single hot end and make a dual extrusion set up from there? Has anybody done this? I wish that Lulzbot would take this into consideration since most people have no use for a spare single extruder after buying a dual setup. Thanks!

Buy one of the AO edition hexagon hotend kits off amazon, then print all the other parts yourself?

I’ve considered that, but I’d have to buy packs of connectors and stuff that I’d never use. Considering that the dual extruders are almost always out of stock on the site, it seems like Lulzbot could make a lot of money by removing one of the hexagon hotends from the dual extruder, taking $150 off of the price, and effectively doubling the number of kits available.

The dual hexagon is not released yet, so you are looking at the older Buddasnozzle type dual extruder.

Wow, I can’t believe I hadn’t noticed that… I’ve been looking at this thing every week deciding whether or not to just buy it and I never noticed that it’s the old buda hot end. In that case, who knows; maybe Lulzbot can take my suggestion under consideration? I’m sure supplies will be short for quite a while after release.