Cooling Fan Overdrive?

I’ve had my Taz 6 running for several weeks now, my first 3D printer, and have been producing what I’d consider largely successful prints (PLA is thankfully very forgiving).

In playing around with settings on both the printer itself and through Cura, I found that the cooling fans can be set to operate at over 100% (and they’ll actually spin faster). I believe they’re simply DC fans, so I assume this just cranks the supply voltage even higher than whatever it is at 100% (I’ve no idea what the maximum output capability from the control board is, or what the maximum spec of the fans themselves is - I haven’t pushed past 150% for fear of disastrous consequences).

Does anyone make common practice of running their cooling fans at over 100%? I’m mainly referring to the single extruder toolhead that comes with the printer, but I’m currently running the aerostruder head, and it can be set to a higher-than-100% cooling fan speed as well.

The gcode command to control the cooling fan is M106 S<0-255> where 0 is off and 255 is full speed. CuraLE 3.2.32 uses 0-100% but if I try to set it to 101%, it turns red. I believe the fan control from the LCD on my TAZ 6 uses the 0-255 range and won’t go higher than 255.

In CuraLE, where can you set the fan speed to 150%? Can you provide a screenshot? On the printer LCD, are you assuming that the units are percentage?

I was mistaken - the fan speed setting on the printer itself goes from 0-255 as you described, but in Cura you can only set it up to 100% maximum.

100% = 255

I have put a window box fan on the top of the frame. This allows me to print a pla “tube” (think 3" x 4" x max height) in vase mode a lot faster because it minimizes the drooping and “waves”. It’s a bit too powerful, so we’re looking at integrating two 120mm fans instead. Also, I’ve been having filament feed issues because of the bowden tube getting hung up in the box fan. We have a bracket that were working on for the 120mm fans…