Switching off cooling fan mid print in Cura?

Have several tricky ABS prints with small footprints but large overhangs that have a tendency to squish down on the lower layers due to weight. To combat that I lowered the bed temp after 3-5mm from 110C to 70C and bumped up the fan speed to 70% which works great. However it’s cooling down the print too much further up the model leading to cracks - can I reduce the fan speed mid print or do I have to manually edit the G-Code?

I don’t use Cura to control the printer… So I’m not sure if there are control buttons in the interface.

You can issue a M106 Sxxx command to set the fan speed from 0 to 255 (which equates to 0 to 100%). To set the fan to 50% use M106 S127.

There aren’t buttons to control the cooling but I have adjusted the cooling manually using the commend entry in the Cura control panel. During the print you can enter the command referenced in the post above (“M106 S0” will turn the fan off). Just type it into the command box in the lower right and press enter. It won’t take effect immediately but should within 10~15 seconds or so.