Cracked lulzbot mini tool head printed part

One of the 3D printed parts in my lulzbot mini tool head has a crack in it. Is there someplace I can download the file for this part so I can replace it?
Thank you

When mine cracked like that I took the tool head apart and super glued it together, then reassembled the tool head and printed a new one. But I didn’t have the inserts I needed right then so I set the new part aside, never got around to finishing it, and I’m still printing with the glued part like 6 months later. I probably could have printed a new one without even gluing the old one. The printer was working fine at the time.

Anyway, STL files for parts like this are on the site. There may be different versions of this part, I don’t know for sure, but the one here might be what you are looking for. If not, browse around and look for other versions of “extruder mount.”

And if you don’t even know what to look for, like what a part is called or what its part number is, you can usually find that out by looking at the assembly instructions at

Thank you cdsmith, that is exactly what I was looking for! Fortunately, I have another printer to print the replacement part on. It can still print with the cracked part but the prints do look a little bit off.

That’s exactly why everyone should have 2 printers. The woman said what do you need a 3d printer for. I said I need a part. She said why do you have that thing. So I started making a part per week. Still gave me trouble now I’m up to 17 parts a day. The problem is there’s not enough time in the day so I had to get another printer.