Help identifying a replacement piece

Hey guys,
I tried looking at the reference poster but I could not find the name for this particular part (see the picture attached.)
It has some cracks and while the printer still works fine…I am afraid of it breaking down the road and damaging the printer is some capacity.
Is the stl for this available anywhere on the lulzbot site? and is there a replacement guide for it anywhere?
it does not seem to act up but it does make this weird thumping noise during prints sometimes. I am pretty sure it is coming from that part of the printer specifically.

It’s probably or depending on which mini variant you have. The 1.4 parts may also fit and may be worth a look.

hmm seems closer to the first one you provided, I am going to print one out just to keep handy! thanks.

You can also get the Mini 1.03 Y-Idler from IT-Works with the brass inserts installed for $2.25.

The one for the 1.04 Mini works as well and is a beefier design to eliminate the common cracking problem. I put one on my 1.03 Mini and it works perfectly. Of course you will need to get 4 brass inserts for it if you print either one. IT-Works has the inserts as well.

Not sure if that is the same part that I had crack on me but you don’t need new inserts if you have a soldering iron handy. Just turn it on and heat up the insert until it becomes loose. Then heat it to add to the new part.

(I would probably recommend printing two spares incase you mess up though.)

That part is ABS, so you can also safely glue it with something like Plastruct Bondene.