Cura 14.09 Question

I have a question regarding Cura and brim. Has anybody else been able to get Cura to retract while placing down the brim from one object to the next?

As seen in the picture my Taz is currently adding a fairly large brim to prevent lifting on multiple objects. A wonderful feature of Cura is that it also adds brim to inside holes preventing them from lifting. However as the machine moves from one location to the next it refuses to retract leaving a trail of filament from point A - B. So much so that you can easily trace the path of the hot end. For the majority of my prints this isn’t an issue as it just adds a strange line pattern on the shiny side of my print. However with some filaments it appears that these extra lines of drool build up on the nozzle as it progresses during the print causing it to eventually clog and stop extruding. I will note that after the first layer and brim placement it successfully retracts as it moves from one location to the next.

I would imagine that this is a simple fix (Or at least hope) in the expert settings of cura, however i have tried to modify retraction settings with little success to include what i thought was combing. As always any help is greatly appreciated.

On a side note: I think i’m starting to get used to how much squish is required for the first layer but if it looks overly squished in the picture comments are always welcome :slight_smile:

Try experimenting in Expert Tab/Open Expert Settings-
There are few things you could try, like disable ‘combing’ or changing retraction distance

Good luck and let us know how it went