Stringing on Mini ABS first layer

My prints are showing stringing between modelled holes on the first layer. Looks like this.


It happens similarly on later layers too.

I’ve searched the forum and found some advice about how to reduce it:

  • reduce extrusion temperature (now 230C)
  • increase retraction.

I know how to try the first.

How and where do I do the latter?

I’m using Lulzbot Cura 3.6.36 on Windows 10, the latest I can find on the Lulzbot site.

Is there a later version for the Mini? I see that the ‘original’ Cura is up to v 5.x.

If you haven’t done it already, go to Settings, Configure setting visibility..., and set Check all. One the right side of the window next to Print Setup click on Custom. You can now either scroll down to the Materials section or type “retract” in the Search... box.

Here is an introduction to understanding and adjusting these settings. Another link and a video. These links may use Ultimaker Cura instead of CuraLE but they apply to both.

CuraLE 3.6.36 is the latest version available at this time. It is possible to use Ultimaker Cura instead by configuring a custom printer with the Mini’s settings including the start and end gcode and you will have to change some of the variables (between the curly braces, {}). You can search this forum for more details.

Ultimaker Cura’s new slicer in 5.0 certainly merits some investigation so I will be experimenting with it.

Thanks. Most of the relevant Settings are ticked (not all). I’ll check whether Retract is one of them.

I have also checked Infill Direction, but it doesn’t appear in the Profiles/Standard tab for Hot end - I’m printing a 6" long part at 45 deg on the bed to get it to fit, and would like the infill at 0 and 90, but can’t see where to change it.

You said it would be in Materials, not Profiles. Will look there instead.

I see it (for my Custom material) that retraction is set to 6.5mm