cura 18.03 LB enable bed leveling wizard


I’ve trying out Cura 18.03 LulzBot Edition, from both both PC (Win10) and Mac (10.11.3 El Capitan) with my TAZ2 — standard configuration, 0.35mm nozzle, ABS only.)

I can reliably connect to the TAZ2 and exercise printer control functions (PRONTERFACE i/f) from both hosts (not at the same time, obviously).

I’d like to use Cura’s Bed Leveling Wizard. My questions:

Q1: What setup/sequence is required to un-grey (enable) the menu item

Expert —> Run Bed Leveling Wizard…

? So far, I’ve managed to run this Wizard on the PC version, but only one time. I can’t seem to reproduce what I did. I’ve never seen it enabled on the Mac.

Q2: What setup/sequence enables 4-point leveling with a heated bed?

Looking around I’ve found it seems that being truthful about the presence of a heated bed directs the Wizard to do 3-point leveling, which I guess is aimed at a completely different printer that has only 3 leveling adjustments. I think I want to be using 4-point leveling, yes?

Q3: Is it correct that leveling should be done with the bed at usual printing temp (for TAZ2 ABS: 85C) or is it sufficient to level with a cold bed?