Cura 3.6.3 Lulzbot Edition: Taz 5 - Bed Leveling

In the previous iteration of Cura, this was pretty straight forward. Home x/y, then z. adjust the screw for that corner, raise the print head up on the z axis, move to another corner using the controls, home z, repeat a bunch of times until it all seems pretty even, print the test to verify, and you’re done.

Now, after getting Cura 3.6.3 and flashing the firmware on my Taz 5 (it wouldn’t connect without doing so), I can do the first step, and adjust the one corner. However, when moving to another corner, hitting the home z button results in homing all 3 axis. Additionally, manually sending the “G28 Z” command in the console returns an error asking for x/y to be homed first.

If this were a Taz 6, with an automatic bed leveling, that would be one thing, but at this point I have no idea how to level the bed for a Taz 5 in this software. I tried digging through the online documentation but perhaps my google foo is failing me. If someone could point me in the right direction, I would greatly appreciate it.

One of the safety features implemented in upstream marlin 1.1.9 is this feature. It requires the print head to be homed in X/Y when first powering on the printer. (Or after a firmware reset when flashing) Once it knows the “0” position, software endstops will prevent the tool head or bed from crashing into the frame. After you have homed X/Y, you will be able to just home Z in order to level your bed.

For me, this firmware causes my bed to violate my limit switches and drives itself into my print bed. I noticed that the wrong print head version was flashed, but that shouldn’t prevent a safety feature from working.
Currently using going to try version 2 and see if that helps.