newest Cura LBE, old printer: TAZ2


My issue: How to set up Cura Lulzbot Edition v2.6.52 for a stock TAZ2 --except retrofitted 24V bed-- that is, single 35mm nozzle. Using generic ABS. I’m on MacOS 10.12.6 (Sierra).

Using the earliest TAZ profile (TAZ5) doesn’t cut it: Kinda looks like it tries to connect, then I get a “Wrong Machine” error message.

I really tried to figure this out, but there have been so many versions of so many components since my TAZ2 arrived… please bring me up to date. Using other s/w from the same Mac, I verified that the TAZ2 is fully functional.


Download the latest version of Cura LulzBot Edition from This updated version better supports custom printers.

Activate that setting at: Preferences > General > Developer settings, and select “Allow connection to…”.