CURA 19.12 documentation and bug

I just installed the latest CURA, 19.12, for my TAZ 5.
Is documentation for this available? The old documentation has some disagreements in the Experts settings.

Also, I’ve twice experienced a weird bug.
I load three small STL files, and they appear properly on the display platform. I click Print, but only one of the three prints. It correctly completes. I clear the platform and load one of the models that did not print. It appears correctly on the display as the only model, and shows a print time and material use that is appropriate for it. But when I Print, the one that already printed starts again! The only fix is to exit CURA and restart.

Heyo, indeed we do have our latest Cura manual posted online for the 5:

This one was originally written for 19.08, but it should be pretty spot on. I believe we have more profiles pre-loaded, but iirc it should have the same expert options.

From what you describe with the objects printing, be sure to close down the control box in between prints. When you open the control box, it will fully load whatever gcode is currently present on the cura screen. If you make any changes to the settings or model files in the background, you will need to close the control and re-open to load the latest gcode file sliced. It is good practice to check the layers view of your object before opening the control box, to ensure it is properly sliced.

We hope this helps!

Ah, that should do it, because it also explains why only the first of three loaded models printed. I loaded one, then opened the control box to start heating the printer. Then I loaded the other two models and printed. Something to put on the programmers’ to-do list is to see if the user has changed anything while the control box is open, and then issue a warning to close and re-open the control box. Thanks for the info!

t would be really helpful if your manual had the version number of the software to which it applies or at least a revision date mentioned somewhere - perhaps on the page header or on the first page.

That link appears to be the Taz 5 owners manual, not the Cura manual.

Yes, but the TAZ 5 manual contains the CURA manual. I am not aware of a separate CURA manual.

There is a link to one somewhere on the site. Not sure how old the version is, however.