Clearing old part out of memory in Cura/Taz 5

I apologize for the newbie question, but: In Cura, after finishing a print job, I delete the old part from the build plate, load a new model, adjust the settings, and hit “print”, but my Taz 5 starts printing the previous model. I can’t find anything like “clear memory” in the command structure. Am I missing an obvious step? Please note this only happens about 1/2 the time, and after repeated tries, the new model somehow loads.

Are you closing the printer control window after each build? I think you have to close and reopen it for the new gcode to be loaded.

I was hitting the same issue when I first started. I think it’s a bug in Cura.

What I do to work around it is close out cura whenever I want to load a new model. I also rename the STL file with each version. AKA. FOOBAR_V1.stl, FOOBAR_V2.stl. I know it’s a bit silly, but I don’t see the problem anymore.

Also, more recently I’ve been using Printrun from the command prompt for various unrelated reasons. I use Cura to load the STL, then save the gcode to a file. Then load the gcode in printrun.

Closing and re-opening the control window seems to work. Thanks nopick and Electron752!