Cura 19.12 hangs up on Mac Mini/Yosemite

I have been using Cura 19.12 for a couple of months now. I particularly wanted the “pause” feature so I could more completely use up a spool before starting another.

However, when doing long (12 hr +/-) prints Cura becomes non-responsive after an hour or two. (Mac spinning color wheel.) The print comes out fine, as long as I don’t run out of filament, and the progress bar advances normally. To continue printing I have to “force quit” both windows and restart Cura.

So far I have only had to change filament during a print for a new spool once! Without stopping the printer! I don’t want to do this very often!

I have tried not using the computer for other tasks during printing but it still hangs. Next time I will quit all other applications before I start the print.

Any suggestions?

Thanks, Pete

I use Cura on a Mac to slice models, and then upload the .gcode to an old raspberry pi running OctoPi (OctoPrint) to control the actual printer. The web interface that OctoPrint uses has a pause feature (though I admit I never have used it). Not sure if that is what you wanted to hear as a suggestion though.

For what it’s worth, I’ve been using a raspberry pi b+ (first generation SoC, so it’s not nearly as fast as rpi2 or rpi3 models) for over a year, and it has been bullet-proof for running printer jobs on a Lulzbot Mini. I never have encountered a single problem related to software hangs, etc. Have run jobs over 12 hours. So I would highly recommend this route.

I’ve even added a raspi cam to it, to do timelapse and monitor over wifi. Ethernet cable (though some people get by with wifi-only), USB power cable (recommend 2.1A or higher PSU), and USB cable to Lulzbot mini (three things) are all I have connected to the Pi, as it is solely dedicated to the printer in this use.

Thanks for the reply. I am not up for that order of effort. I was hoping that someone had also had this problem and had found a solution. I repeated the test today with all other applications turned off, and got the same result. So I guess the problem may be in Cura.

Yeah, the Raspberry Pi could be a backup strategy if other things don’t pan out… One related thing you might consider, and I have never tried it myself, is to use OctoPrint on Mac mini itself to drive the printer/stream the gcode.

You’d have to build it yourself from the command line, but there are instructions on how to do this on the Octoprint wiki:

I typically only use Cura directly talking to Lulzbot Mini from MBP to update Lulzbot’s firmware. But I ran the very first print out of the box with Cura on MBP (that was quite a while ago)…