Cura Not responding durring prints

Im printing with a Taz5 using a mac running Sierra and Cura 21.04
I start my prints and everything is fine, but if I minimize Cura and the control box ( the window that lets you manually move each axis, extrude filament, and set my nozzle and bed temp) , i cant get the control box to maximize again. so if i need to stop or pause the print i have to shut off the machine. If I right click on the icon in my dock it just says the program is not responding. I was having this issue on the last version of Cura I was running so I upgraded to the latest build and its still happening. Anyone else run into this? Id like to be able to pause my print and be able to minimize the windows when needed.

So here is what has been happening
Ive submitted a bug report but if anyone knows what im suddenly doing wrong after using this software and printer for a year and a half, id love to hear your input. I am running a Lulzbot Taz5 using Cura 21.04 on a MAC. The specs of my OS are included below

Recently I upgraded from Cura Lulzbot edition 20.01 to 21.04 because the program would become unresponsive if I minimized the windows. The build platform window and the Manual controller GUI window. I thought that updating the Cura software to the latest Lulzbot version would rectify the issue but it hasn’t, if anything the issue is getting worse. If i don’t minimize the windows the print will complete and when it has finished the program will then become unresponsive and I will have to issue a force quit. My prints are coming out flawlessly and I am very happy with them after upgrading my nozzle to a .3mm nozzle from the stock .5mm. The firmware is up to date on the printer, and I haven’t updated anything on my MAC since the latest Sierra update but that didn’t cause any issues when running Cura 20.01 in the past.

Here are some screen shots of settings I am using to print my current object

after starting my print the machine is functioning as it should. I minimized the program and when I click the icons they do not expand or open. If I right click one of the icons in my dock I get this message

and the windows will not open. I have not had this issue with any other programs or applications. Cura did this in both the 20.01 version, and not in the 21.04 version.

Thank you all in advance for your assistance.
Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 9.30.52 AM.png

I’ve seen that happen on OSX and Linux. The application gets stuck in a loop or something and locks the UI thread. I decided to avoid the issue entirely by mounting a Raspberry Pi running OctoPrint to the side of the printer and letting it feed the print jobs. The other benefit is I don’t have to worry about my tethered computer crashing, rebooting, etc…

And I can use the camera module to check on it once in a while to make sure it’s still printing properly, not on fire, etc… :slight_smile:

More than likely thats exactly what Im going to do since reading up on this whole Cura 2 and how you have to use it to slice the image and then save the .gcode then load that to a legacy version of cura, seems like way too much work, especially when my legacy version of cura isnt working properly to begin with.

I’m having a similar issue on Windows 10.

Right now I’m about 18 hours into a 28 hour print and Cura has become unresponsive.

The application was minimized and running fine in the background. It’s still running now but I had a hard time getting the window to appear, and when it did appear it was mostly black and says Cura - 21.04 (Not Responding). What’s really weird is there seems to be a tiny version of the UI in the upper-left corner of the window. Image attached.

The Print Control window is nowhere to be found. Somehow the print continues though… for now anyway.

I have to do a filament change in about 5 minutes so this is really a bummer.

So What ive found is that when im running Cura 21.04 on my mac, if I minimize the windows as its printing i cant just click the icons to have them reappear in a full window. i get an Icon for Cura, and an Icon for the controller window. If I want to open them back up I have to right click on the icon for Cura (not the controller window) and select show all windows, both windows will then appear and I have to select the controller window in order for both Cura windows to open back up, if i just select the program window, the controller window gets lost forever and Cura says Program not Responding until the print is finished or i select Force Quit.

If I leave the windows open and let the print run, the program crashes as soon as my Taz has finished the print, so I have to force quite, and reload the profile and next .stl I want to print.

Its a hassle and a half, but its what I have to contend with until there is a stable version of CURA 2 for mac released.

I know that you’re having problems with Cura on your windows machine but the picture you posted with the tiny UI is adorable. Kinda makes all the aggravation of 3D printing issues fade away for a second or two when odd little stuff like that happens.

i have to ask did the print turn out? You said you were 18 hours in to a 28 hour job when Cura became unresponsive, just curious about what became of your print. I hope it turned out!