Cura control window (not responding) while printing

I am on my 2nd print with my Taz 6 and noticed 14 hours in to a 26 hour print…it saying in the Cura control window: Temperature 205 Bed 61 (Not Responding). It seems to be printing right…anything to be worried about?

On the led panel it shows 205/205 and 60/60 with 1 degree of fluctuation.

You may be OK, it may just keep sending the same voltage to the bed. If the room temperature stays consistent it may be fine. That being said, that’s not really a great way to maintain a safe printing environment. If it were me I would let it keep going, but watch it frequently.

Thanks I will. I will check firmware when this one is done.

22 hours in - Now both the controller window and modeler window say “not respoding”… but it still printing. Earlier in the print I could spin the model around and look at it while it was printing. Fingers crossed it finishes. If not then a good learning lesson to dump the really long projects to the card.

Strange - it made it all the way through (12 more hours of printing) with both Cura screens saying not responding. Even after the print was finished they stayed locked up. Had to force quit them… but the print worked so I was happy. :slight_smile:

Same exact thing happens to me after a few hours printing.
mac os 10
latest mac cura (also happened on earlier version)

Have to force quit after print finishes, but print is OK. Cant “pause” during print when hung up.

Must be a software bug…because I am on Windows 7 Professional and getting that too… which is rare to have the same type bug on PC and MAC. But at least it finishes printing. :slight_smile:

Been thinking about spending the cash and grabbing Simply3D… just trying to recover from buying the printer right now. :slight_smile:

I’ve seen this reported for earlier versions of Cura as well. I thought they had fixed the bug, but I guess not. Have any of the Lulzbot tech people chimed in? Are they already working on a solution

When the software locks up, does the hot end and the bed stay at printing temperature indefinitely until you force a quit?

No it seems to finish the print as expected…it goes into cooling mode for a bit and then comes forward with the finished print. It is just the software seems locked up and unresponsive. You have to do a force quit on the task to kill it and restart if you want to print something else.

I guess since it actually still finishes the print…it is not that high priority.