Cura freezing on Mac during long prints

I’m running Cura on my Mac and Taz 6. I’ve got the latest version of firmware and software all around, but am still dealing with a bug I’ve had in Cura since the first week I started running it over a year ago. In fact I had the same bug when I was running a Printrbot via a Mac before I sold it and bought my Lulzbots. The issue appears during a long print (anything beyond about 2 hours) when Cura freezes. The printer continues running the print without issue, but all updating on he computer stops. And even after the print is complete, the only way out of it is to force quit the print. This was one of the reasons I switched from Cura to S3D, which I find a far superior program. But I’m stuck back with Cura for now because I’m getting a Dually up and running and haven’t got S3D configured yet for it.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

I’m having exactly the same issue. And it has been persistent with all version of Cura I used since I got my Lulzbot mini last summer. I have got the impression that it occurs more often when I am doing other stuff at the same time. For instance watching a youtube video or doing some CAD work. Oh, and I’m on a Mac as well. Is this a known issue?

I’m glad I’m not the only one with this. I believe it was even happening a year ago when I was running Cura with a Mac and a Printrbot Simple. I’ve since got a different printer (Taz 6 and another Mac). Same thing, any print longer than about an hour or two freezes the program solid. Print continues, but force quitting when it is done printing is the only way out. I’ve had it happen both when the computer is busy doing other things and when it is working on printing alone. When I try and do something computationally difficult it might briefly pause the printer, but I’ve never had a video, or anything else outright freeze up Cura while I was doing that multitasking.

I can’t believe we’re the only two guys dealing with this.


This problem has been posted elsewhere, and I have the same (Mac) problem. I haven’t seen any posts addressing the problem. Very frustrating, particularly if you want to change filament. I have had to do it twice during printing. However, the print has always finished succesfully so far.


My prints also finish flawlessly. But the weird thing is, that it does not always happen. Had a four and a half hour print yesterday without any issue. The previous long print did freeze Cura, but finished. I’m not sure, but it seems to happen when I switch from one application back to Cura to see its progress. Another thing I noticed is that when I use exposé to show all the thumbnails of all open apps, the thumbnail of Cura IS being updated and show the correct printing time and percentage! When I switch back to normal, I still see the ‘old values’ from the time it froze.

I’ve had this problem for the past year, on OSX 10.9 (currently 10.9.5).

When the job starts, it kicks off a second Cura graphic in the bar (always). If the job goes beyond 2 hours or so, you can kill both of them separately, or just kill the primary. If you need to stop your printer beyond that point, you basically have to turn off your printer or kill the software. Prints just fine 100% of the time when the software becomes tainted.

I did run out of filament on a long print (it was a 6.5 hour job, and I was ambitious making it to 6). Fortunately, I was able to manually feed the next spool into the feeder…but ugly.

One more vote for getting Octoprint set up. (I’m hoping this avoids the issue.)

Well you are definitely not alone. I’ve actually stopped using Cura (Mac) as it freezes almost always around the 95% completion mark. Then I have to reboot the whole program if I want to do another print. However, my mini produces beautiful prints and I’m so stoked on the product I’m trying my hand at building a Taz 6. I’m still in the process of printing all my parts but with MatterControl. Which has been performing nicely and has honeycomb infill for better mechanical strength. I really liked Cura and am waiting for Lulzbot to catch up Cura 2.3 :smiley:

If anyone knows of a fix I find the Cura GUI far more intuitive and user friendly. This said I’m also stupidly green in this world and I’ve got little other perspective.