Cura 3.2.22 Print location

How do I adjust the 0,0 location of the printer?
I adjusted the bed size settings to 300x300 the actual size of the bed. The only thing I will print all the way to the edge would be the skirt, so I’m not too worried about a bit of plastic going over the edge.
When I make this change, the printed objects appear in the center of the bed on the Cura screen, but when printed are several centimeters to the right, and towards the back of the machine. This means I can’t use the entire print bed.
I can’t find any adjustments in cura for this.
Any suggestions?

Did you solve this? I am having the same issues with my 300x300 bed. I am sure I can center the print (.gcode) when I import it, but I don’t know how.

No. I think the way to solve this is to build a custom firmware for the Taz 6. I have not wanted to take the time to do this.
In the long run, due to the sloppy bearings on the Taz 6, I’d like to get a new printer that has optical linear encoders and servo motors (like every single inkjet printer on the market), and a heated enclosure, but nobody makes such a thing yet.

The default for a TAZ 6 is 280x280x250 with the origin in the lower left. What did you change to go to 300x300x250?

My guess is that you changed the size in CuraLE but you didn’t change the firmware.

The firmware is built with:

#define X_BED_SIZE (((300 + 0))<(280)?((300 + 0)):(280))
#define Y_BED_SIZE (((303 + 0))<(280)?((303 + 0)):(280))
#define X_MIN_POS (-20 + 0)
#define Y_MIN_POS (-20 + 0)
#define Z_MIN_POS (0 + 0)
#define X_MAX_POS (300 + 0)
#define Y_MAX_POS (303 + 0)
#define Z_MAX_POS (270 + 0)

Without changing the firmware, “several centimeters to the right, and towards the back of the machine” is probably 2cm (20mm) in each direction. You should be able to add an M206 in the appropriate location in the start gcode. I’m not sure if it should be M206 X10 Y10, M206 X-10 Y-10', M206 X20 Y20, or M206 X-20 Y-20` but you will figure it out.

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