Cura 3.2.27 Runtime Error & Windows 7 Pro

Okay, so on single model, I’m getting runtime errors with Cura 3.2.27:

Here is my system topography (old but good workstation)

Any solutions I should be looking for? I got the same runtime errors with 3.2.16 which I was running earlier, as in about two days ago. I printed off a similar part during that time hooked up to the computer with no issues. Then one day, I get runtime errors with the older version. I follow the Windows 7 removal instructions and cleared my cache and installed 3.2.27 and get the same issues. I ran a search, and there are several other posts about runtime errors. Do I just need to look for another slicer for my Taz?

So, to trouble shoot, I downloaded Ultimaker’s release of Cura 3.6.0 and used the Lulzbot settings (copy & paste Start and End gcode as well) for my Taz5. Loaded the same model. Sliced, and saved to SD card, no runtime errors.

So, Lulzbot, you might want to look into that. The source for Cura seems to be fine, but there is something about the Lulzbot edition that is having runtime errors, when I’m working with the model changing settings. Sadly, there is no error code on the error message to help you with finding the root cause of the issue (I’d have searched that error myself before posting…).