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My initial findings is that it is running painfully slow. I initially installed 3.2.14, and thought the slowness was due to the advanced version, however after installing 3.2.11 it’s the same.

Cura LE 3.2.11

Windows 10 Pro 64
Ryzen 7 1700 3.7 GHz
16GB 3000 MHz ram
Radeon RX 480
18.3.3 GPU driver

Attempting to install on Linux Mint 18.3 Cinnamon 64 bit.
I have uninstalled the version of Cura that can be installed through the Software Manager
I have removed the directories specified
I edited the sources.list to

#deb cdrom:[Linux Mint 18 _Sarah_ - Release amd64 20160628]/ xenial contrib main non-free

deb wheezy main
deb stretch main

and ran the following commands:

$ wget -qO - | sudo apt-key add -
$ sudo apt-get install cura-lulzbot
Reading package lists... Done
Building dependency tree       
Reading state information... Done
E: Unable to locate package cura-lulzbot

What am I missing? How do I tell my system where cura-lulzbot is?


I got help with this in the Linux Mint forums.
The problem it seems was the original content of the sources.list file. I deleted the wheezy line, and was able to install.

I usually print from SD (the printer is far away from my computer because it is noisy).
Is there any need to update the firmware for this alpha version of cura?
If so, what is the procedure for doing so?

The current release version of Cura 2.6.69 comes with Marlin (C:\Program Files (x86)\cura-lulzbot 2.6\resources\firmware)

The alpha version of Cura 3.2.14 comes with Marlin (C:\Program Files (x86)\cura-lulzbot 3.2\resources\firmware)

The “normal” procedure is to connect the printer via USB to the computer running Cura, go to Manage Printers…, and click Upgrade Firmware. I have a plugin for OctoPrint which can be used to flash firmware from a file or URL. I’m not aware of anyway to flash the firmware from the SD card.

I just hauled my printer close to my computer to update the firmware. After updating, it now says it has

Sorry for the delayed response! We’ll update the testing installation instructions to reflect using the right distro repo. How is the new firmware working for you?

Have any major updates been made to the firmware since I’m giving 3.2.15 a shot, but didn’t update the firmware; I don’t mind testing alpha software, but firmware makes me uneasy.

So far 3.2.15 is still painfully slow, but faster than 3.2.11.

We brought in the upstream 1.1.8 branch of marlin. We are currently using, and have found it to be quite stable. After updating your firmware you will need to adjust your Z offset from the stock settings (all tool heads,) and your esteps if using something other than a V3 dual extruder, or Aerostruder.

You can see the full marlin change log from 1.1.5 to 1.1.8 here:

We tried to keep look as close to possible for our previous products, and all our testing is showing the firmware to work quite well. If you would like to give it a try, feel free! You can always revert back to the if it is not to your liking.

It is mostly working. I have had the display get corrupted while scrolling through menus, Two items will get partly highlighted and it is not clear which actually highlighted.

I have also had instances where the item I want is highlighted, but when I click I get an adjacent item.

I watch the auto-leveling system carefully, and abort it when I see the bed pushed down even the slightest amount when probing the corners. Attempting to use the menu to “stop print” instead goes through some kind of re-cleaning of the head which would probably lead to it re-trying the print which is not what I expect when I select stop print. I have been shutting off the printer when this happens.

I have seen the printer get into states where “abort” is not an available option in the menu, and I must turn off the printer to stop some sequence.

At the end of a print, a previous version of the firmware told me the total print time. With this version I get some time displayed that is much shorter than the print time. I would prefer that it show me the total print time.

We have the scroll selection fixed up with this commit here: And it should be included in Marlin and newer versions found here: As a note, to use different firmware that what is included withing Cura LE go to Preferences > Configure Cura > Allow Connections to wrong printers.

The printer will need to get through the buffer of commands before it can respond to an abort print, which can take 15-20seconds. If there is ever a need to end a print Immediately, we do recommend turning off the power button.

We noticed this one this week, and have a ticket open about it here: We hope to have that one fixed up soon, and will be sure to give an update once we do.

3.2.16 - It runs smoothly!

However, it crashed when making a Custom Material and entering the Density value (hard crash, no warning).

Custom anti-overhang meshes make the Cura Engine crash, at least in one instance.

Move translations to not get updated/stored; if I move an object the tool tip will show me the distance, but the UI panel does not update/store the data. Moving a cube 50mm, will still show 0.

Scale appears to function like normal.

Rotate seems to be off by 1? The tool tip will show -15°, but the UI panel shows -14°. -30° is -29°. -90° is -89°. Etc, etc. Rotating back to 0° comes back to -1°. However the object appears to rotate to what the tool tip says, because when I type -15 after it has been moved to “-14°”, there appears to be no further movement.
-----------As for DAP having the bed be pushed down, are you having any filament oozing out of the nozzle?

Sometimes after a print, some filament seems to get stuck in the end of the nozzle, and even after the large retraction before wiping—not even a lot, just a tiny bit to get between the tip of the nozzle and the probe washers. I have to purge a bit of filament before initiating a new print, and I’m 99% certain it’s due to moisture.

When I aborted the bed leveling, it aborted the sequence immediately, and started an alternate sequence. It was not a case of clearing the buffer, because it did things it does not normally do. At the point where I aborted, it was moving from the 1st washer to the second washer for probing, when I aborted, it stopped this move, then went back to the cleaning station and re-cleaned the heads in a different pattern than the normal pattern (long strokes back and forth). It was making moves that were not in the gcode of the print.

Zimlorog, there was no ooze, the head was just dirty. Sometimes the automatic clean is not enough. The machine can’t detect that it has used enough force to deflect the bed, so it must be watched carefully every time it levels the bed.

I printed a 8 hour model on 3.2.16 yesterday and everything looks hunky dory and ran smooth…

Using TAZ6, Aerostruder Cura-LE 3.2.16 (is the thread title still valid? :slight_smile: on Debian I’m seeing the following errors pop up.

Sometimes when this happens, the printer pauses for a second or two before continuing causing a scar on the print.

FWIW, I don’t remember seeing this in 3.2.11.

2018-04-07 14:42:02,345 - INFO - [(140352803304960)-MainThread] USBPrinting.USBPrinterOutputDevice._log [53]: Error:checksum mismatch, Last Line: 9851
2018-04-07 14:42:02,347 - INFO - [(140352803304960)-MainThread] USBPrinting.USBPrinterOutputDevice._log [53]: USBPrinterOutputDevice: Resending from: 9852
2018-04-07 14:58:51,823 - INFO - [(140352803304960)-MainThread] USBPrinting.USBPrinterOutputDevice._log [53]: Error:checksum mismatch, Last Line: 25253
2018-04-07 14:58:51,826 - INFO - [(140352803304960)-MainThread] USBPrinting.USBPrinterOutputDevice._log [53]: USBPrinterOutputDevice: Resending from: 25254
2018-04-07 14:58:51,866 - INFO - [(140352803304960)-MainThread] USBPrinting.USBPrinterOutputDevice._log [53]: Error:Line Number is not Last Line Number+1, Last Line: 25253
2018-04-07 14:58:51,867 - INFO - [(140352803304960)-MainThread] USBPrinting.USBPrinterOutputDevice._log [53]: USBPrinterOutputDevice: Resending from: 25254
2018-04-07 14:58:51,874 - INFO - [(140352803304960)-MainThread] USBPrinting.USBPrinterOutputDevice._log [53]: Error:Line Number is not Last Line Number+1, Last Line: 25253
2018-04-07 14:58:51,874 - INFO - [(140352803304960)-MainThread] USBPrinting.USBPrinterOutputDevice._log [53]: USBPrinterOutputDevice: Resending from: 25254
2018-04-07 14:58:52,231 - INFO - [(140352803304960)-MainThread] USBPrinting.USBPrinterOutputDevice._log [53]: echo:Unknown command: "Y125.9 E611.66661"
2018-04-07 14:58:52,262 - INFO - [(140352803304960)-MainThread] USBPrinting.USBPrinterOutputDevice._log [53]: Error:checksum mismatch, Last Line: 25256
2018-04-07 14:58:52,327 - INFO - [(140352803304960)-MainThread] USBPrinting.USBPrinterOutputDevice._log [53]: USBPrinterOutputDevice: Resending from: 25257

Thank you for reporting this, we’re seeing something similar:

From the comments elsewhere, it looks like 3.2.18 might have fixed this.

Can someone do the honours and push 3.2.18 to the repo?

Silly but annoying issue (3.2.17 Debian).

Saving a project doesn’t add the .3mf extension to the filename. This mean the file doesn’t show up in Cura’s file dialogue when trying to reopen the saved project.