Preparing model gets stuck at 50%

CURA LE 3.6.1
I have a model from Thingiverse
Part #3

When I set the prep the model to create the gcode file it gets stuck at about the 50% mark. (just shows “Slicing…”)
The STL is about 652KB.

Any idea why CURA cannot prepare the file?

I discovered that if I indicate no support it prepares normally. With support it gets stuck. Almost like in an infinite loop.

Uninstalled 3.6.1 and went back to 3.2.32 and it completes the slicing with support. Not sure if I should add this as a bug on the workboard and supply the model?

I don’t believe there is a CuraLE version 3.6.1. Latest version of CuraLE is 3.2.32.

Ultimaker Cura shows a 3.6 and a 3.5.1 but no 3.6.1.

If it turns out that some version of Ultimaker Cura is “getting stuck”, you might get better response if you report it in the Ultimaker Forums. There’s also a Ultimaker Cura 4.0 (beta) you could try.

There isn’t a release candidate but there is a version 3.6.1 (and now 3.6.2)
I’ll submit the issue to the workboard

I stand corrected and I believe the workboard is the proper place to report the issue.

We are just getting started on bringing in upstream 3.6 Cura. If you had downloaded the 3.6.1 before there was a 3.6.2 showing, we were still working on merging in changes in on that build. When using the site, it is best practice to stay 1 version behind the latest as that is the one we are currently working on and will change by the hour.

I would recommend re-installing 3.6.1 and giving it another try. However, we would like to hear about any issues and they can be reported here:

Once we finish an initial smoke test of the merge to ensure viability, we will get a post up in the software section requesting alpha testers

I downloaded the 3.6.1 again and the model sliced with support quickly with no lockups.

Great to hear! We finished our smoke test yesterday afternoon, and it looks like it passed on a variety of operating systems:

We expect there to be a few issues we have not seen yet, but we will only find them with more testing. Please let us know if you run into any problems!