Cura 4.13.4 not heating anything and can't update firmware

Just experimenting with Cura LE 4.13.4 attached via USB to Mini v1, to try to resolve an unexpected issue with printing temperature (it was trying to print at 250C under Cura 3.6.36 and 3.6.40, and I can’t find where that temperature is coming from).

Trying to update firmware in v4.13. Click on Update Firmware, a progress bar opens but there’s never any progress, even after many minutes.

How can I update the firmware? And if I do that, with the Mini still work with Cura LE v 3…40?

When I try to print a small simple test piece, I click Start Print, and nothing happens.

The wrong printing temperature is displayed (240C) also the wrong Build Plate temperature (110C) whereas the material selected has 230C and 105C for these values, and the reported hot end and build plate actual temperatures are showing at 0C and 1C respectively, and not changing at all after I click Start Print.

Am I doing something wrong? Do I need to do anything further to set up the Mini under v 4.13? It seems to be a supported printer, and is showing as Connected, via Com5.

@johnwmcc I saw this and wanted to let you know that I had the exact same issue, and found a way around it. Obviously old thread, so you may have solved it by now. I repeatably experienced this issue after restarting the printer a few times, restarting the computer, etc. I was trying to update from 3.6.23.

The fix was that after I connected Cura to the printer, I just homed all of the axes and played with the bed temp a bit. Just to make sure that communication was open. Once I did that, the firmware update immediately worked. This bug (and process) was seen on two separate Mini 1’s making the jump. Hope this helps you, or anybody else googling for the same issue!

I hadn’t solved it so thanks for suggesting this. It’s late here so I won’t try tonight, and I’ve several other things to do before going away next week. So it may be into May before I can try it, but I will.