Recommended method for changing filament mid print?

I’ve read a few posts but they were all a bit old.

Can I change filament mid print using Cura or do I need to use a different software? What’s the best way to do it right now?

Yes, you can change the filament mid print using Cura. This is accomplished by using a PostProcessing plugin script. These scripts can be accessed from the Extensions menu, Post Processing, Modify G-Code. These scripts are located at:

C:\Program Files (x86)\cura-lulzbot 3.6\plugins\PostProcessingPlugin\scripts

CuraLE contains a ColorChange script which should work. It uses the M600 G-Code command.

Alternatively, you could use the script I (and others) have modified, which I have attached (in a .zip). Place the .py file in the above folder and (re)start CuraLE. (6.57 KB)

I tried awhile ago to get filament changes working with the existing plugins and ended up writing my own barebones plugin script for the PostProcessing plugin.

Tested on my Mini 1 with Lulzbot Cura.