cura and support required


I have a relatively simple question: If my model 100% requires support to print correctly and I try to print without support will cura stop me and tell me it will not print? I find myself not a very accurate judge of what does and does not need support and find it annoying to waste filament and time printing supports that do not need to be there. My guess is that it will not stop you from printing your model if it thinks it absolutely has to have support to finish. Can someone elaborate on this?


I am not aware of Cura issuing warning about printability. And I have plenty of “throw away” prints that I base that observation on. As a general rule, if an overhang is greater than 45 degrees, your will have issues. Bridging across open air depends on a number of variables. I regularly bridge air gaps of 14mm; however, longer bridging tends to sag in the middle.

That is correct, Cura will let you attempt to print unsupported features of arbitrary complexity. Something we may add in the future would be a warning like “This model should probably have supports enable to print reliably”. But we would NEVER prevent you from trying to print it.