Cura Dual Extrusion Merge and slicing

I’m going to attempt some models that virtually the only choice is to use water soluble support. Worse, the areas where the support is touching needs to be fairly smooth when done. In the CAD package I’m using, it is very easy to have it make a support “part” that can be merged together with the actual part prior to printing.


In a case where there is zero gap between dual extrusion merged parts, does Cura take this into account during slicing to make sure the extrusion of both materials is not trying to fill the same space at the interface where they touch? Hope that make sense.

Granted I haven’t tried that application, but when printing dual extruder models Cura does a good job of maintaining close, but separate and clean differentiation between what each extruder prints. We’d love to see your results. Using the purge tower and ooze shield helps.

I wish I could agree that Cura compensates for dual extrusion solids where they touch. As you can see in the photo, there is a distinct interleaving of the PVA(now gone) and the PLA. At the time I was using 0.4mm nozzles on both. As best I can measure, the overlap between PVA and PLA is .9mm

This is with the current version of Cura. Unfortunately, the Beta version of Cura will not work for me. I posted by issue with the USB connection dropping when I try to print in that thread.