Home in Cura is not the same as home using GLCD

Is it intended behavior that homing the nozzle in Cura doesn’t home the nozzle in the same location as it does selecting home directly on the Taz 5 printer? If I use Cura to home the extruder nozzle would hit the clamp holding down the bed; this doesn’t happen if I home using the printer.

This doesn’t sound like normal behavior, it honestly sounds pretty weird, would it be possible for you to take a video of this behavior and post it?
My first thought is something software related, some sort of miscommunication between the software and the printer itself. Have you recently updated your Cura software? If so did you also make sure to clear your cache and flash the firmware on your printer to ensure proper communication between the printer and Cura?

I updated the firmware before I thought to take a video. Now the nozzle no longer will hit the corner piece, though when I home X/Y the nozzle still stops right over the corner of bed. When I home Z then it will move X/Y so the nozzle will not make contact. The video shows homing X/Y in Cura, then after the pause, homing Z, another pause, home all, another pause, and then finally homing on the Taz itself. Definitely less ‘fluid’ with this firmware, but it works!


What you are seeing here is intentional for the newer firmware.

When the printer homes the Z axis it now has a safe homing value applied which moves it away from the corner when homing the Z axis.

This is to accommodate for the extra space needed on V2.1+ tool-heads which have an extra fan on the left side. Without this the fan would run into the Z thumbscrew during Z homing.

This allows you to use a V2.1 tool-head on your Taz 5.