Cura launch issue on older Mac

I’ve been running the latest versions of Cura on my two modern Macs without issue. I have an older Mac running 10.11 as well but can’t get the latest Cura (3.6.21) to launch on it. I get a dialog from the GUI application which says simply “cura-lulzbot Error” and has buttons to either open or to Terminate.

The same happens when launching the x86 binary from the Terminal from inside the .app bundle.

I think this should work — any ideas?

Cura LE 3.6.21 says it should be compatible with macOS 10.10 or newer … so it seems like it should run.

Did this mac ever have a previous version of Cura installed? I’m wondering if there are old files that didn’t get cleaned out.

I’ve had issues upgrading … so I used an AppCleaner (which finds all the extra files related to the application … not just the application itself) and that resolved the issue on my mac. (Specifically I used this: – it’s free, but they’ll try to sell you on upgrading to their pro version.)

Thanks for the suggestion. No, I’ve never run it on this Mac before. I’m also familiar with all the preferences, application support, caches, etc. that Mac apps can leave as I am a Mac developer. Still, I both checked manually for any files on the system referencing Cura, as well as used a utility that can do this. Because Cura is written as a cross-platform app, though, and not a native Mac app (using a Python framework call Uranium), it doesn’t store things in the typical way that Mac apps do. Still, no luck on that front.