Problem getting Cura to run on Mac version 10.6.8

I really don’t want to have to upgrade my operating system on my Mac. I downloaded Cura-14.09-1.18 from the lulzbot website. It will not run. It doesn’t even open. Is my operating system too old for it? Is there another version that would work with my current Mac operating system?

Did you check the docs here?

Were you able to install it, but then it won’t launch or what?

Thanks for any detail,


I downloaded the file outlined in the pages you linked to. I followed the directions for Mac OSX versions earlier than 10.10. It actually will not let me drag it into the applications folder in that window.

I tried dragging and dropping it directly into my applications folder on the harddrive. But it will not open from there. I got the message telling me it is a program downloaded from the internet and do I really want to open it? I clicked yes and then, nothing. Nothing happens. There are no alert messages and nothing opens.

I was able to download the program from the Ultimaker site but I would be comfortable using the one on the lulzbot site.

What version of Python do you have installed? You may want to give this a try-