Cura LE 2.6.69

I was trying to print out a falcon heavy print (hollow flame/clouds) and the notes on Thingiverse suggest limiting the support to 5% (not infill) The sentence is:

“In fact, at 0.15mm layer height, I was able to print this using minimal supports with a 5° support threshold (almost horizontal) and the exhaust is about 2mm thick so it can scale down a bit and scale up as much as you want.”

How can I make that adjustment in Cura LE? I am using a Taz 6.

It sounds like the original poster was talking about the support overhang angle not the support density %. Either way changing it is almost the same in Cura LE. In the custom section find and open the support drop down menu. In that menu will be both the option for support density % and support overhang angle. It would be easier to say for certain if you posted the .STL file for me to check and make sure but I believe what OP was saying was to change the support angle to around 85 since 90 means no support. You can also always switch into layer view to see how much support is being added and make adjustments that way to get a better idea of what the model will print like.

I made the modification you mentioned and the support is a lot less. I’m just starting to learn how to customize the settings. I appreciate the help!