Cura 2.6 - Duplicate to "new" material - Default 0.1mm Profile

Ok Gang,
Have 2 taz6 printers and 6 users. We like to all use the same profiles. We “upgraded” to 2.6…oh dear god.
My issue today is with creating new materials: Cura has a handy “Duplicate” feature. It mostly works. But then there is a profile attached. When I duplicate a material, say PETG, the 3 profile options of .18, .28, .38 layer height don’t follow. Instead I’m only given a new “default” with a layer height of 0.1 (and wall thickness of 0.8, which is impressive with a 0.5mm nozzle). And I realize that I can make changes…and create a new profile, but cannot overwrite “default” and if I ever change materials, it always goes back to default. Installed the beta of Cura 3, hoping there’d be a fix, negative.

Any reason not to go back to Cura 21?

Rant complete

I believe the new “features” in CuraLE 2.6 and 3.2 outweigh the “quirks” that come with becoming as familiar with the new one as you were with the old one.

If, however, you have no use for the new “features” then continuing to use the old version may be appropriate.

I can speak only for myself – I’m staying on the old version. Not only does the new version suffer from severe performance problems on my only-slightly-old laptop computer, but as you’ve described, the management of the materials and profiles is so cumbersome with the new version as to be unusable. Yes, some of that is familiarity. Some of it is workflow and process, where the new way doesn’t seem to match how I wish to use profiles and materials. And some of it is just that the bugs in managing the profiles made it impossible to import/export and made it maddeningly tedious to change even the most basic of things.

I’ve been watching the new versions. Clearly there’s progress, and as one would expect the biggest improvements seem to be around the new Lulzbot products (including the aerostruder and the newer materials). But there doesn’t seem to be much interest on the part of Lulzbot in tending to the parts of Cura that are not product-specific, like profile management, and porting in the legacy filament and print profiles, etc.

Regarding the immediately-previous post and the newer Cura features – I don’t know what they are. Perhaps I need a page to “sell me” on why I should deal with the extreme pain of the new Cura, when I don’t have any of the new hardware that requires it. I’m past the point in my life where I’d upgrade just for the sake of upgrading :mrgreen:

LulzBot Edition documentation is almost nonexistent. On the other hand, Ultimaker does a much better job on their Cura documentation and since the LulzBot Edition is based on the Ultimaker version, using Ultimaker documentation is often as good as it gets. See for new features (and bug fixes).

P.S. its more than “a page” of new features!

Thanks for the info, Lulzbot Cura 2.6 documentation is indeed lacking…making it impossible to train new users.
The problem we have is multiple users using the same printers. I’m trying to control the profiles and from what I can tell all the preloaded PETG profiles are insufficient (HOTTER BED TEMP GUYS! 85c!)

With Cura 21 I can create one profile, send it out and say “USE THIS” Trying that on 2.6 isn’t really possible.

Re-downloading 21 until our new Prusa comes in

Its a shame.

About a year ago I bought a Taz 6 when it first came out. Was great and helped our company alot. Have since bought 5 more and spread them out across the USA.

Unfortunately, they will be the last unless this train wreck called Cura LE is quickly sorted out. I reported so many bugs, flaws and flat out failures that I got tired of doing it. Its basically ruined my attitude toward Lulzbot and I will not have my reputation at work associated with this current product whereas less than a year ago I was happy to be associated. Sad.