Cura LE 3.6.20 Non-uniform Tool Path on Duplicate Parts

This has been an issue for several versions of Cura. When objects are duplicated and sliced with the Z Seam Alignment option set to User Specified so that the tool head begins extruding at the same relative position, one would assume that the tool path should be identical for each part. This is problematic as duplicated parts are not exactly identical resulting in differences in mechanical properties. The differences between parts are sporadic as seen in the infill pattern in the photo. Prior to the Aleph Objects buyout, I requested a feature to the Cura LE development team where the sliced tool path of duplicated parts would be cloned but start at a different position on the bed for each object. This would ensure identical mechanical properties and uniform surface finish between parts. However, the feature request didn’t seem to be a high priority.

Has anyone else experienced this issue and/or found a combination of settings to guarantee that duplicated parts are sliced identical to each other?

I don’t have an answer for CuraLE but I would try some of the other “free” slicers and see if they either have a feature or just do it that way naturally. I’d start with Ultimaker Cura.

IceSL is another option (its under active development so if a feature is needed, they appear to be open to adding them). I wrote a printer profile for the TAZ 6 and submitted it to them.