Cura 3.6 very slow

Hello all,

I had been using 2.6.69 for about a year or so with no issues. Spent a lot of time creating filament profiles and the like.

I just installed 3.63 and it’s all but unusable. It lags any input by more than a second at times. Even the simplest thing takes forever. This is on Windows 7 64bit.

Anyone else had this problem?

I’m the only person who had a problem???

cura was unusable for me until I uninstalled and trashed my cura app data (after backing up my custom profiles). there is a guide on how to do this.

try this link:

Sadly I have tried this already.

Are you running anti virus software? Try disabling it and relaunch Cura. I read that Cura calls another program to deal with setting changes under the hood, and it could trigger the antivirus to take action which hangs up the thread for a bit.

I am running the 3.6.3 and I constantly crashes and closes when I try to duplicate the models on the print bed. If I go slow in increments of 1 or 2 it is less likely but my normal batch of 12 isn’t possible. As much as I don’t like Simplify3d, it doesn’t crash on me with every update.

I’m having the same problem with duplicating models on the print bed. Rather than just keying in 12 duplicates, I seem to have better results if I only add 4 or 6 and then group them, then duplicate the group. It’s a pain to have it crash though especially when you spent a lot of time getting the build plate specifically arranged.

It’s also frustrating that the location of the models as they are arranged on the build plate is not saved in a project file. Whenever a project file is reopened, the models are automatically arranged however Cura sees fit. I feel like this didn’t used to be the case with older versions of Cura.

Due to the changes in CuraEngine from 2.6 -> 3.6 the older profiles you have developed will no longer be compatible. The lag you are describing sounds like a profile conflict with no longer valid variables. The process eric_german described has fixed this up in the past. If you have run through this process, did you attempt to drop your custom profiles back into Cura LE source files after updating? If so, we would like to see your error logs on this ticket:

The log files can be found in these locations; the version number, 3.6 below, will vary: (Note if you see a 2.6 or 3.2 folder, you have not cleared cache and uninstalled properly.)


or \Users<username>\AppData\Roaming\cura-lulzbot\3.6\cura-lulzbot.log

@eodcoduto @Buster We have had one report of this in the past, and have been unable to duplicate it locally or through our windows testing stations. Any information that you can provide (Error logs, model files, system specifications, etc) would be greatly help. The current tracking ticket for this issue is:

Related, is there anyway to stop the automatic slicing? I find that version 3 is really bad about hanging when you add multiple complex models. We really need a ‘slice now’ button - there’s no reason to do it automatically. Not sure why the core cura team insists on burning cpu cycles unnecessarily,

Sure is! Preferences > Configure Cura > uncheck “Slice Automatically.”

After getting this set up, in the lower right hand corner there will be a “prepare” button that you will hit when ready to slice.