Print jobs of duplicate objects come out differently

Hello…This is my first time on the forum, please forgive any norms I may overstep in my time here.

I am having difficulty printing duplicate objects in the same print job. The first comes out full of holes, while the second object (duplicated, therefore exactly the same) comes out fine. I originally thought it was the filament or the hardware, but it consistently does NOT happen to the second object, which with both of those issues it should. Therefore, I am left thinking it is a software issue. Has anyone ever had this happen before? If so, what fix worked? Do I simply need to update the software? Flash the firmware? I am at a loss…Any ideas?

Could you post some photos of the way your prints are coming out? Has this happened with multiple different .STL files? Have you noticed that the holes in your model occur in areas after a travel movement from one model to the other? What version of Cura are you working with? Flashing the firmware never hurts but doesn’t sound like the most probably cause in this situation.

I’ve had a similar issue where duplicated models don’t have the same surface finish. Even though Cura is duplicating the object, when sliced it doesn’t create identical tool path travel for each duplicate object. I posted a feature request for enhanced options for multiple model printing on the Aleph Objects workboard, but haven’t received much feedback. It’s too bad too because the only way to ensure that 2 or more parts come out exactly the same is to run multiple print jobs. This wastes a lot of time that could be avoided in the startup and cool-down cycle. Here’s the link to the request.

Hopefully if enough folks are vocal about it we can get some of these features in an upcoming release. If the toolpath travel was identical for each duplicated model it would ensure identical surface finish and structural strength between parts without having to run multiple print jobs. :wink: