Cura LE beta 4.13 material diameter

There’s not a way to adjust your material diameter to 1.75,mm. I use a Titan Aero 1.75 and y’all know if you add the setting to config you get no material choices at all. So usually we need to adjust filament diameter in Material to get the print running good. I’m not sure if I’m missing it in another area, which I’m pretty sure I’m not because I searched for diameter and IT’S NOT THERE! LOL PLEASE ADD MATERIAL DIAMETER! TY

If you find issues with regards to Cura LE 4, you will want to submit a bug report through the Cura Report a Bug button.

You would simply need to click the report a bug button and fill out the necessary information.

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A workaround is to set your flow when using 1.75mm to 263%.

With Cura 4+ the diameter is part of the material profiles, not the slicing profile, so once you set to a different diameter than you have set in your printer settings, it doesn’t show up in the available filaments list. I don’t know (mainline) Cura 3 had the diameter in the filament or slicing profile, or if it was added by LulzBot for CuraLE 3.

Another workaround is to take your 1.75mm Titan Aero startup GCODE and just paste it over the M175v2 startup code, then you’ll have access to all the 1.75mm filament profiles. The only thing I can think of that might be different between the slicer profiles for the two are the retraction settings.

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Ty my friend! I might give that a try. Right now I’m sticking to cura LE I did up a issue ticket and they said they’d get that in there ASAP so hopefully it won’t need months! Lol I’d think lots of people use Titan Aero that’s actually why lulzbot made the Aerostruder

Yes, many aerostruders, but few converted to use 1.75mm.

This is not a bug or omission, the software thinks it is trying to save you from a mistake. Basically it knows it has a 2.85mm extruder and won’t allow a different diameter. It doesn’t know that you have physically swapped it. The best way around this I have found is to create a new printer profile with the Titan Aero (mine’s Hemera but same in principle). This allows you to enter filament diameter 1.75mm for the printer. Now Cura knows it can handle 1.75mm and will allow the change. Then duplicate the filament types you use, changing diameter to 1.75. Now you have a range of 1.75mm filaments attached to the 1.75mm printer profile with the original 2.85mm filament selection attached to the original profile. This only took a few minutes for me as there are only a couple of filaments I use regularly. I didn’t use most default materials, most of them aren’t available where I live anyway and they just clutter up the selection. Now if you swap the tool head back again just select the original printer profile and the correct selection of filaments is there waiting for you.

This might doing dumb but how do you duplicate the filament profiles? I’ve tried setting my filament diameter in config but there’s no filament profiles. I appreciate your help. I don’t really use the beta but I’d definitely like to figure out the filament thing and give it a couple tires. Another suggestion was to copy the Aerostruder start Gcode over the other 1.75mm tool head which I haven’t tried yet due to laziness! Lol
Thanks y’all! The lulzbot community is UNBEATABLE!

To duplicate, use a printer profile for the machine that you want to copy material profiles from. For my example, I’m copying a 1.75mm profile to a non-existent 5mm machine.
Manage here:

Select the filament (note that most properties are greyed out) then click the duplicate button at the top of this window:

Now that you’re working on a duplicate, those properties are no longer greyed out. Give it a new name and change the diameter. You’ll be warned about the diameter change, and it will appear to disappear, since the profile doesn’t match your current extruder for this machine.

But, when you go to your “real” printer profile, the duplicated profile with the new diameter will be available:

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