Mini with IT-Works Titan Aero Cura Problem

I am running Cura Lulzbot edition 3.6.21 with a Mini. I changed the tool head to an IT-Works E3D Titan Aero to use 1.75 filament. The physical change went fine. I added the printer to Cura and changed nozzle to .4mm and filament to 1.75. Cura said I needed to update the firmware, which I did.

When trying to use Cura there was no material selections, just an empty drop box. The only profile was a standard one. No other selections available. Both filament manager and profile manager windows are empty. If I try to create a material in the material manager the program closes. I can’t do anything in the profile manager. I used the profile drop down box, again which only has the standard profile. I selected “create profile from current settings/override…” in the drop down box. It brought up the profile manager and another pop up window asking for the new profile name. I typed in the a name and it took it. Profile manager window still empty and back to drop down box has the new name.

Next I deleted Cura, cleared the cache and reinstalled. Still the same problem, can’t create profiles.

BTW, before reinstalling and after re-installing I did re-select printer to original Mini and it worked. Select back to Aero and same problem.

Also, I tweaked the standard settings so I could try a print. Couldn’t save the profile but I could print from it. Got a really good print.

Any help would be appreciated,

I have a toolhead with a 1.75 nozzle so I just picked a 2.85 profile, switched the nozzle size, and printed. Good results here as well.

I believe the material profiles are conditioned on the filament size. The “source” for these profiles are in C:\Program Files (x86)\cura-lulzbot 3.6\resources\materials. These are XML files (i.e. text) so they could be edited. There’s an ultimaker folder and in that folder are two interesting files, generic_pla.xml.fdm_material, and generic_pla_175.xml.fdm_material.

This may give you some ideas about how to make some 1.75 filament profiles.

Thanks for the info. I found a PLA file in the resource directory and opened it with WordPad. Only thing I saw was the diameter at 2.85 so I changed it to 1.75. It listed the mini and mini aerostruder as usable machines along with many others. Modified the file name and save it back onto the directory (so original stayed intact). Also took the generic_pla_175.xml.fdm and copied it into the resource file. Neither showed up in the materials or profile manager. With that file info I was hoping I could use the file’s info and create a material. But when I try to create it just closes the program.

Turns out when changing over tool heads to 1.75 you do not want to change the diameter in machine settings. Leave it at 2.85. Material and profiles now exist and work (however default to 2.85). You do have to change filament diameter to 1.75 in the custom settings. I have printed 3 prints this way and all is well. Verified this with customer service at IT-Works3D (very god customer service). They told me that Lulzbot has 2.85 is pretty much hard coded in CURA.