Cura LE v3.2.11, Alpha Slicing Profile Discussion Thread

Cura LulzBot Edition v3.2 includes many new supported filaments and multiple cura-engine improvements. Have feedback or suggested slicing profile tweaks? Share your feedback below.

Please include:

  • Filament name and vendor
  • Quickprint profile used
  • Images of the print
  • Slicing settings if you are proposing a change to existing slicing profiles

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On a Taz 6, the profiles for both nGen and t-glase are suggesting “Use glue stick”. Why? My printer has a PEI bed, and I have not had trouble with either of those plastics when printing without glue stick.

We have found on some of the larger prints, Amphoras (nGen, Inova), TPU’s (Flexibles), and PETg’s will sometimes stick too well when printing large items. This can cause damage to the PEI when removing. The glue stick recommendation for these materials is actually to help release the object post print, opposed to helping it adhere to the PEI.

Perhaps it would be good to include a “when” and “why” to the Use glue stick comment. For example if the bottom of the object is small, one would not want to use the glue stick since one would want more adhesion.