nGen Filament

I just popped off my order for a Taz 6 and some nGen filament today. Before it arrives I was wondering about the warning on the filament about requiring a glue stick. Could someone please tell me which glue stick they are referring to. There are several types of Elmer’s glue sticks (washable, all-purpose, x-acto, etc.). Also I was curious as it seems that with other printers a glue stick is recommended to help the filament adhere to the print bed but in this case the warning states that it is to help with part removal, which seems to be the opposite of what the glue stick is used for with other printers so it’s purpose has me a bit confused.



We prefer the all purpose glue sticks here in the tech support office.


Thanks, I’ll pick a few of those up. I have a ton of stuff to print and I can’t wait!