Cura Lulzbot 3.2.3 with Linux Mint [PHOTO]

recently after upgrading Cura Lulzbot to 3.2.3 I have had issues operating this application.
The material drop down menu is orange, there is black warning triangle which I cannot read any text next to it and the layer height slider is missing its handler (the little dot you grab to control). See image:

I am on Linux Mint 18.1 Cinnamon (based on Ubuntu Serena).
If I run


I get these messages

QApplication: invalid style override passed, ignoring it.
qml: TableViewSelection: index out of range
qml: TableViewSelection: index out of range

I have uninstalled, run the clearing commands (below) and reinstalled with both methods from this

cd; rm -Rf .cache/cura-lulzbot .config/cura-lulzbot .local/share/cura-lulzbot .cache/cura2* .config/cura2* .local/share/cura2*

Any other ideas how to fix this?