Lulzbot Mini 'wrong printer detected' Cura 2.6.63 will not print

Windows 10 64 bit
Lulzbot mini, not sure what version. It has one fan on the right side of the print head, and maybe a tiny fan to keep the hotend cool, I am not sure that is even a fan.

I still have 19.12 lulzbot cura installed, and that is still working fine.

I wanted to upgrade to the new cura 2 for some new options regarding infill. The instructions for installation on the lulzbot site did mention removing the old versions, but those instructions were just to remove files from the appdata folder that were not there. I had no files in any cura folders in appdata before I tried to install today.

I installed the software, selected lulzbot mini as the printer, but when I click the connect button, I get a warning stating ‘wrong printer detected’ and it disconnects. I heard the fan pulse like it normally does on cura 19.12, so I went ahead and tried disabling the setting that allows the program to work with an incorrect printer. I can manually move the printhead around fine, all axis home fine, I can heat up nozzle and the bed and extrude/retract.

When I try to actually run a print, it homes, then starts making a very loud buzzing sound and does nothing more. I worried this was doing something bad to the printer so I would just shut it off at this point.

I read somewhere here about linux problems with old cura holding comm ports open so I tried it with a fresh computer restart and the same issues occur.

Is it possible that the software is looking for a newer lulzbot mini hardware? I have a pretty old one. When I went and dug into the appdata I found the following in a file:
version = 3
name = LulzBot Mini
id = LulzBot Mini

type = machine

0 = LulzBot Mini_user
1 = empty
2 = PLA_(Verbatim)High_speed_mini
3 = PLA
4 = empty
5 = LulzBot Mini_settings
6 = lulzbot_mini

I don’t know if any of this is useful, maybe that version number is not correct? I don’t really feel confident enough to change this.

I want to play with different infills as I have a project that is going to be traslucent with led lighting and I really don’t want the square grid of the old cura lulzbot. the software pages say that slicer is not fully supported on the mini so I am worried about that as well, and have no experience printing directly from Gcode. I have only used the old cura lulzbot for the past few years and don’t think it can even do that…

Any help would be REALLY appreciated. Thank you!

You may need to update your firmware for improved compatibility with the latest version of Cura LE. Follow the instructions here:

Perform a test print with your LulzBot Mini (version 1.03 btw, based on your description). Reach out to our support team at for detailed help if needed.

That sounds like an interesting application for different infill! We’d love to see it lit up.