Cura crashes when attempting to launch

Whenever I try to launch lulzbot cura 3.6.37 it gets to “loading machines” and then closes without a trace. Doesn’t show up in task manager at all during the launch process.

I don’t know if this could be related but the little red LED inside the control box is no longer on at any time while the printer is turned on. (The printer is a lulzbot mini 1) I didn’t know if this could be related at all so I included it anyway. Does anyone have a solution or at least an idea of what could be going on?


What operating system (and version) is CuraLE installed on? You don’t need a printer connected to the system to launch CuraLE.

If your system is Windows 10 or 11, then uninstall CuraLE, open the %AppData% folder and delete all folders with “cura” in the name in both the Roaming and Local folders. Reinstall CuraLE and let us know if that fixed the problem.

That worked like a charm, curaLE opened first try after the reinstall. Thanks so much.