CURA Lulzbot 3.2.32 - Printer Temp Inital Layer - Don't use 0

So wanted to put this more out as a warning to people then anything, but you could argue it a bug report (probably already has reported, but better safe then sorry).

Anyway, in the new CURA, there’s a setting “Printing Temperature Initial Layer”, with a description that includes “Set to 0 to disable special handling of the initial layer”. While the description says this, I think someone forgot to update the code to actually handle this situation (seems the most likely, I could see that being missed).

I confirmed in the gcode that if you leave it to 0 you see this

M109 R0 ; wait for extruder to reach printing temp

And you’ll see your printer cooling down the extruder to 0 after just doing auto-leveling. Also, just to confirm this, looking at the gcode, there’s no extra code in place that would bring the printer back up to temp. In fact, I am pretty sure it would try to print. Which of course, would just cause filament to be chewed up since it can’t extrude it.

Thank you for posting. I’ve reported this here if you’d like to follow along or submit more details:

What printer and tool head did you have selected when you generated your gcode? Did you clear your cache when you updated to 3.2.32?